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Best U-pick Farms in the Greater Portland, Oregon Area

July 27, 2014

Last updated 2017

I have visited 5 farms in the greater Portland area which I believe are world-class. I have visited them each over multiple years and at least 3 times.

They cannot really be ranked in order because they each have special things about them and they are spread apart. One place has only strawberries while another has dozens of vegetables.

All the places have natural or non-spray options. It's not always practical for a farm to do what it takes to be officially organic so I stopped limiting my visits to only organic farms.

All the places keep a website and/or facebook page updated with what is available. They also have phones they answer. Check before you go.

All the places have maps. All have bathrooms. All have containers in case you do not.

None of these places have prices so low that you feel like you are stealing. That's not the point. For me, it's the experience of being on the farm and picking your own delicious produce.

What day of the week you go and what time of day you go does matter. Remember the biggest crowds are on the weekend and they can exhaust the harvest. It regrows during the week.

imageUnger Farms for StrawberriesIn Cornelius, Southwest of PortlandPROS
  • Superlative flavor and abundance of berries. Superlative flavor and abundance of berries.
Extremely easy to pick.Beautiful restaurant on a lake with healthy food.Fun playground.No spray (not confirmed)CONS

  • Only strawberries
The season lasts 2 to 4 weeks.I have not found another farm nearby I really like.TIPS
  • Strawberries bruise easily. Take containers good for holding strawberries. Bags are not good for this.
I'm told that picking them when it's cool results in sweeter fruit. I don't know if this is true.Eat at the restaurant by the lake to make the most of the experience.If you plan to freeze them, research first how to do this. Know when to wash your berries.Next-door is the Peachy-pig farm. It sounds great, but it's rough around the edges. It's not equipped for a sophisticated public audience.There is a berry farm within 2 miles, to the East.

Sauvie Island Farms for vegetables and fruitsthis is one specific farm on Sauvie IslandPROS
  • So many vegetables and fruits and flowers to choose from and all in one place...it's ridiculous. How can they possibly stay in business?
The vegetables are easy to reach and pick. There are so many of them.There are also an abundance of berries to pick, especially blueberries.There are wagons and also a tractor always running in case you don't want to walk to the field you want.CONS
  • None
  • Be prepared to walk or take the tractor in order to reach the berries.
There are clippers there for the flowers, but you can use them for squash and other items.Study the map before you start so you can decide how to get to the produce you want with the time you have. You won't be able to pick everything.Take your own containers appropriate for what you are planning to pick.Take a picnic and eat in the fields if you want.
Morning Shade Farms for blueberries and fruitsin Canby, 30 minutes south of PortlandPROS
  • Delicious and abundant varieties of blueberries that span the summer.
Gorgeous country location surrounded by trees.The farming family lets you pick in their vegetable garden and orchard.Amazing apples and asian pears and unusual berriesChickensCONS
  • Half-hour drive from Portland feels long.
Can be hard to get precise information on what is growing and whenTIPS
  • If you are coming from the North, you can stop at the bakery and restaurant and petting zoo farm about 10 minutes to the north, Amazing rolls and sandwiches. Crazy goats and bunnies. Presidential pumpkin art. Fir Point Farms
Deep in the orchard there are many undocumented fruit trees. There are also hidden grapes and mullberries.The farm also sells blueberry trees.There is a hidden private pond beyond the chickens.There are bees.The farm will also pick blueberries for you: one type is better for cooking and the other better for eating directly.

Bella Organica for berries, fruits and some vegetableson Sauvie IslandPROS
  • Amazing blueberry and strawberry patches.
Gorgeous settingHas restaurnant food (mediocre) and great wagonsPetting animalsCONS
  • Victim of its own success. Can get crowded and overpicked.
Loud music and events distract from country feel for me.Easy to get lost and not find the field you want.TIPS
  • Fields can be distant. Choose your fields, have a backup and save time for the petting zoo area.
Read my post about it.Smith Berry Barn for BerriesIn Hillsboro southwest of PortlandPROS
  • Easy access to many types of berries.
Restaurant and shop.

  • Might be hard to park.
  • I've only been here 3 times. I'm not sure yet.

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