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How do I manage a project?

While I'm on sabbatical, I thought it would be fun to put myself out there on Upwork to see if I can pick up some projects as a freelancer. I have used the platform as a client and had good experiences. I just applied for my first project. I didn't ... Read more »

Activities for kids in Southwest Portland (2-5 years old)

SUNNY u-Pick fruit and vegetables * Sauvie Island Farms - biggest selection of vegetables, fruits and flowers * Morning Shade Farms - biggest selection of blueberries (stop at Fir Point farms bakery for food and play area with petting zoo) * Bella Organic - many berries and petting animals. grill. * Unger Farms - ... Read more »

Indie, multi-stop international flights (walk-through with Riel)

I was fortunate to get to work on a small team that conceived and launched a new online service in September of 2012. Here's a walk-through video. I wanted to share it before my company upgrades it to a new technology. ... Read more »

U-pick at Bella Organic Farm

As a local parent of a toddler looking for enriching experiences, Bella Organic is a u-pick farm that I keep going back to more than any other. I started in 2013 and have been there almost 10 times with my daughter. I love that u-pick is such a rich experience ... Read more »

Riel's Favorites

Some of my favorite things We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. Magazine most likely to make me feel like there are smart people ... Read more »

I switched my blogging platform to Ghost

It took me about 4 hours over 4 working sessions to set up my blog on Ghost and migrate the few things I cared about from my old wordpress platform. Why do I do this to myself? I think I have two reasons: spam and a belief in rebirth. I ... Read more »

Beavers Hard at Work in Beaverton, Oregon

If you would like to visit some wild beaver dams in the Portland / Beaverton area, read on! This is something free you can do outdoors with your family. The Beaverton Historical Society told me exactly where to look. They were very helpful. In case there is any confusion about it, ... Read more »

Best U-pick Farms in the greater Portland, Oregon Area

Last updated 2017 TOP TIER I have visited 5 farms in the greater Portland area which I believe are world-class. I have visited them each over multiple years and at least 3 times. They cannot really be ranked in order because they each have special things about them and they ... Read more »