Riel's Favorites

Some of my favorite things

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Magazine most likely to make me feel like there are smart people out there writing smart things (and it's available in audio format)
The New Yorker (print/kindle) (audio)

A real hand-on museum for kids
The Children's Museum, Portland, Oregon

A no-contact inclusive team sport I like to play
Ultimate Frisbee

A truly ergonomic adjustable desk (sitting desk / standing desk)
Ergo Desktop

A comprehensive hands-on learn-at-your-own-pace school system for youth
Montessori (learn via video) (Why Montessori?) (The Science Behind the Genius book)

My favorite password management program at the moment

My favorite cloud-based computer backup system for ease of use

  • Crash Plan Pro for arching while you sleep
  • Dropbox for maintaining files across devices
  • Google Drive is you are 100% online and don't need to share protected info with people who don't have a google email address.

My favorite contemporary animated cartoon series (for adults)
Adventure Time (watch on Amazon)

My favorite source for short videos with big ideas
TED Talks

The best guide for lifetime financial planning I've ever encountered (try to get past the title)
Why smart people do stupid things with money

How I balance my checkbook

My favorite video-editing software for making slide shows with a story
We Video

My favorite exciting drama series of all time
24 (watch on Amazon)

My favorite movie of all time (yes, rodney dangerfield)
Back to School

My favorite place to live
Portland, Oregon

Unfortunately, I'm now a single-issue voter. I vote in support of more effective policy with regards to
Climate change

Best place for free advice on how to travel the world (I work at these companies)
* BootsnAll for self-serve * Airtreks for 1on1 personal attention

My favorite tool for new parents
Amazon Prime

My favorite phone service
Republic Wireless

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