I switched my blogging platform to Ghost

It took me about 4 hours over 4 working sessions to set up my blog on Ghost and migrate the few things I cared about from my old wordpress platform.

Why do I do this to myself?

I think I have two reasons: spam and a belief in rebirth.

I kept getting spam emails from my wordpress site and even after spending about 2 hours trying to get it to stop and contacting my excellent server provider, inmotionhosting, I got nowhere. It's possible there was no solution.

Rebirth to me means that someone has taken an existing solution and solved it with the latest technology and pscyhology. This can be wonderful because you can leave legacy issues behind and just re-make a solution.

For example, every few years a new CRM comes out that is awesome. Recently contactually.com. It's so refreshing that it can make you cry to go back to use Salesforce.

I read an article about dozens of new blogging platforms. That made sense to me. I picked what I thought would work best for me. I want to minimize my time figuring out how to configure everything, but I still want to have ownership and control.

Ghost seems smart. I like to try smart things to learn the latest best practices.

So, now I'm using Ghost. I pay $5/month for their hosted service. It forced me to use Cloudflare to host my DNS so I could use a custom domain.

No surprises, it's continually more important to be able to keep track of more passwords.

It was not worth it to port most of my old blog articles so I didn't. I just cut and pasted a few. The "text" version in wordpress pasted into Ghost perfectly. Ghost made the links and even created graphics (I don't know how). It was fast.

I purchased a theme from themeforest. To configure it requires editing some text files and the zipping them and uploading them via a web interface. Pretty simple once you know where to go.

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